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A patent attorney dedicated to help you obtain the highest quality patent protection in the most cost-effective manner possible.

I will let you in on a secret. Most patent law firms want to speak with you before telling you how much their services cost. This is because they want to know your budget so that the amount they charge can expand to consume as much of your budget as possible. After all someone has to pay for the nice offices, premium commercial real estate, expensive furniture and other amenities that those attorneys enjoy and they want to make sure that someone is you.

I provide better service and higher quality for a fraction of what larger patent firms, and many other small patent firms, charge. This allows you to receive the same quality patent that you would receive at a large firm for a lower cost. I am willing to prove this by showing you EXACTLY what I charge up front and showing you what other patent attorneys charge.

What you can expect from Superior IP PLLC

You Need to Consider

There are many important considerations when considering a patent attorney. How are you going to protect your invention? What areas should you focus on protecting? Is it enough to trust others or to have a signed non-disclosure agreement? How much will proper patent protection cost? Who can you ask these questions to without having to pay exorbitant fees? How can you decide who is the right patent attorney? Do you need to perform a patent search before beginning? The answers to these questions are critical and can impact your idea and your business. You need a registered patent attorney with experience in patent law who can help you make the best decisions in the most economical manner.

Fixed Fees

All of my services are charged on a fixed fee basis and I will tell you up front what the cost will be. This means that I can take as much time as I need to make sure that I thoroughly understand your idea. I can focus on maximizing the scope of your patent protection. It also means that you do not have to worry that when you call me with questions that I will be on the clock. In addition, I will only commit to a workload for which I can maintain a high standard of service and quality so you do not have to worry that I will not have time for you.

My fees

You will NEVER get a bill from me for work that you did not authorize and you will ALWAYS know the full cost before beginning.


Type of Action My Fees National Average*
Initial Consultation FREE N/A
Estimate of Costs FREE N/A
Patentability Search $300-$600+ $3,000
Provisional Patent Application $400-$1,600# $5,000
Non-Provisional Patent Application $3,600-$6,000# $7,500-$12,000

*According to the AIPLA Report of the Economic Survey 2015

+Plus an additional search fee for the agency which performs the search

#Plus applicable filing fees

Before any work is begun I will provide an estimate that will include the total amount due for any project including: attorney fees; government fees; figure drafting fees; or any other costs associated with the work.



Various types of patent applications that are available.
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Some commonly asked questions from clients.

Let me show you how I can help you protect your invention.


Contacting me does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send confidential material.

About Me

Dustin Call

I am a registered patent attorney with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biochemistry. I have obtained patents in many different technical areas, including Software, Electronics, Mechanical Devices, Medical Devices, Chemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology. I can help you get the patent protection that you need, regardless of your invention.




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