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I will be just as passionate as you are in using intellectual property law to protect your assets. You need to find the correct balance between navigating intellectual property law and paying to correct price. I can help you achieve this balance.

You Need to Consider

There are many important considerations when considering an intellectual property attorney. How are you going to protect your intellectual property? What areas should you focus on protecting? Is it enough to trust others or to have a signed non-disclosure agreement? How much will proper intellectual property protection cost? Who can you ask these questions to without having to pay exorbitant fees? How can you decide who is the right intellectual property attorney? Do you need to perform a search before beginning? The answers to these questions are critical and can impact your idea and your business. You need a registered intellectual property attorney with experience in intellectual property law who can help you make the best decisions without overcharging you.

Fixed Fees

All of my services are charged on a fixed fee basis and I will tell you up front what the cost will be. This means that I can take as much time as I need to make sure that I thoroughly understand your idea. I can focus on maximizing the scope of your intellectual property protection. It also means that you do not have to worry that when you call me with questions that I will be on the clock. In addition, I will only commit to a workload for which I can maintain a high standard of service and quality so you do not have to worry that I will not have time for you.


I and my co-inventors have enjoyed working with Dustin on our invention for high throughput detection of gene mutations. The invention involves many complex molecular reactions that most people would have difficulty understanding well. To our surprise, Dustin is so smart and knowledgeable that he revised our original application and helped us obtain two US patents successfully. He does not seem to be content with the success though. Reviewing the comments of the examiner, he advises us to broaden the protection of our patents. The suggestion made me and my co-inventors re-evaluate our invention. As a result, we discovered that there are many more applications that we may pursue further. Owing to new modifications and developments, we have elevated our invention to a new level. Consequently we have submitted two more continuation applications for broader protection of our patents. It has been an enjoyable experience to work with Dustin. I and my co-inventors really appreciate it.

M. Lee, M.D.


In working on our patent applications it was clear that Dustin not only knows how to help write a strong patent, but his extensive experience in dealing with the USPTO enabled him to guide us in ways that maximized our chance to getting protection for our IP.

M. Dodson

Various types of patent applications that are available.
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I am a registered intellectual property attorney with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Biochemistry. I have helped clients protect their intellectual property in many different technical areas, including Software, Electronics, Mechanical Devices, Medical Devices, Chemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology, and I have experience helping clients register Trademarks and Copyrights. I can help you get the intellectual property protection that you need, regardless of your legal needs.

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